Missing PS Plus Games Fix

Playstation Plus games disappeared from library? No worries. Here’s how to quickly restore missing PS Plus games.

Have your free PlayStation Plus games gone missing from the library? Don’t panic. Sony didn’t take your games away. Here’s a simple guide to get the disappeared PS Plus games back easily, and it will only take a minute of your time.

Restoring missing PlayStation Plus games

It’s a common problem with a really easy solution. All you need to do to get the disappeared games back to your PlayStation library is re-syncing the licenses between your account and the gaming console.


Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account which has an active Playstation Plus subscription.
  2. From the Home screen, navigate to [Settings] -> [Account Management] -> [Restore Licenses].
  3. The missing games should now be back in your PlayStation library aka download list.


Do PlayStation Plus games disappear?
Not really. Your game licenses will stay with your account forever and you will be able to play the games as long as you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. If your games have disappeared, it’s because of a syncing issue. Use the steps above to restore them back to your library.

Let us know in the comments if this method worked for you (it did for us).

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Ian Buzumbus

but why? why does this happen?


its a glitch


It works!


Where can i find licenses option on my PS Vita?


Tell me this month I haven’t paid my subscription and they are games that have disappeared. If I renew next month and restore licenses will they reappear?


This still didn’t work on my ps5,
On my ps4 I have over 213 ps plus games in my list and the ps5 only shows 4, yes this is with ps4 and 5 games activated in the Sort by menu… I have re-licensed twice now on ps4 and ps5 and still te same result..


I’m having a similar issue. All my games appear on ps5 and ps4. But my plus games are missing on ps3 and psvita. My subscription is current. Yet there are numerous games missing and will no longer launch.

Lincoln César Sossai Campiolo

It didn’t work. Still missing the surge and Conan. Both games from psplus may 2019