Minecraft Dungeons Blacksmith Guide
Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Blacksmith Guide. All you need to know about the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons.

In this guide you’ll find out, how to make trading with the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons worth it for you. We’ll give you an important tip to get the best gear fastest way possible, take a look at the loot tables, the odds of receiving weapons or armor and include the chances of getting common, rare or unique quality items.


Getting the best loot from the Blacksmith

Blacksmith trades you random gear based on the level of the maps you play. The higher your power level (your item score, not your character level), the better gear you can get. If you intend to trade with the blacksmith, you must know that your level is recorded after each loading screen.


To take advantage of this, before buying any items, be sure to always switch to your gear of highest level ahead of loading into the camp (may require restarting the game session or starting and cancelling or finishing an ongoing mission). Did you do that? Great.


Now you are ready to shop with the best available loot table. But don’t go crazy just yet. You might want to follow our next hint. This is where it gets good and allows you to gear up efficiently.


Important! After each time you’ve received an upgrade, equip it and repeat the process – go to loading screen to refresh the blacksmith loot table to a more powerful version for your next trade. Keep repeating until you do not wish to spend any more emeralds.


Using this method, you will vastly improve your chances of getting the best items as soon as possible, even while your character level may still remain low. For example, we have reports of players wearing power level 100+ items with a character level below 60. Quite impressive.

Blacksmith loot tables and drop rates

Armor vs Weapons rates:

Protective gear: 65% (Armor, Robe, Mail)
Weapons: 35% (Axe, Blunt, Bow, Crossbow, Pole, Scythe, Short, Sword)

Armor type loot tables:

Armors: Champion’s, Dark, Grim, Guard’s, Hunter’s, Mercenary, Mystery, Phantom, Plate, Spelunker, Thief, Wolf
Robes: Battle, Evocation, Soul
Mails: Reinforced, Scale

Weapon type loot tables:

Axes: Axe, Double
Blunts: Hammer, Mace, Pickaxe
Bows: Bow, Hunting, Long, Power, Short, Soul, Trick
Crossbows: Crossbow, Exploding, Heavy, Rapid, Scatter, Soul
Poles: Glaive, Spear
Scythes: Soul
Shorts: Daggers, Gauntlets, Sickles, Soul Knife
Swords: Claymore, Cutlass, Katana, Sword

Item quality odds:

Common items: 75%
Rare items: 20%
Unique items: 5%

Endgame odds above power level 101 to roll an item with a power level of:

100: 41%
101: 16%
102: 10%
103: 9%
104: 7%
105: 7%
106: 7%
107: 2%
108: 1%

Blacksmith vs Wandering Trader

Blacksmith and Wandering Trader

Blacksmith trades you a random piece of gear. Wandering trader, however, trades you a random artifact. Artifacts are used to unlock different abilities in the game. So, which one should you trade with first – the blacksmith or the wandering trader? Well, are you interested in acquiring more powerful items or cool new abilities?


Our general recommendation is to get a variety of abilities first and then focus on the gear. Once you’ve figured out which abilities you need for your core play style, there is no reason to keep buying them (at least for a while), getting better gear might be more beneficial.


In the end, it is your personal choice. Both types of items scale up to more powerful versions of them as you progress in the game. You should go with what feels right for you. Let us know in the comments how you did if you’ve had any luck getting those uniques lately.

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